Размышления с обвинительным уклоном (jim_garrison) wrote,
Размышления с обвинительным уклоном

Finally, the PCAST report underscores the need for the US to respond to China’s challenge in semiconductors with an industrial policy of its own. Such a policy should include lower business taxes, more funding for basic research and development, higher investment in talent development, and federal support for a series of “moonshot” programs in areas like biodefense systems, threat detection networks, and a distributed electric grid. Ultimately, whether the US semiconductor industry withstands the challenge that China poses will depend not on America’s success in curbing China’s progress, but rather on its ability to sustain and support innovation by US companies.

Промышленная политика, стало быть.
Что-то из осуществляющегося это напоминает.

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