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Плоды опиумных войн

Опиум в доходах государственного бюджета Индии за десятилетие с 1871 по 1880 гг. в сравнении с солью и доходами от земли.

Механика торговли:
The cultivation of the poppy is prohibited in Bengal, except for the purpose of selling the juice to the officers of the government at a certain fixed price. It is manufactured into opium at the government factories at Patna and Ghazipore, and then sent to Calcutta, and sold by auction to merchants who export it to China. In the Bombay presidency, the revenue is derived from the opium which is manufactured in the native states of Malwa and Guzerat, on which passes are given, at the price of £60 per chest, weighing 140 lbs. net, to merchants who wish to send opium to the port of Bombay.

Вообще тогдашний бюджет Индии и чисто-конкретно британская доля в нем:

UPd. Данные за два бюджетных года в 1903-1904, 1904-1905:

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