Размышления с обвинительным уклоном (jim_garrison) wrote,
Размышления с обвинительным уклоном

10 Ways to Call Something Russian Disinformation Without Evidence

1. Our spooks say it looks like the work of their spooks.

2. It was prophesied.

3. Authorities are investigating if it might be Russian disinformation.

4. Even if it isn’t a Russian influence operation, we should act like it is.

5. The Biden campaign says it’s Russian disinformation (even though they can’t say for sure it’s disinformation at all).

6. Accuse anyone who asks questions about the story of being in league with Russia.

7. Adam Schiff says it is!

8. This reminds us of that other time!

9. Just say it!

10. Everyone quote everyone else!

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