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Дела у Боинга

Картинка и текст про Боинг из статьи Блумберга про компании-зомби Should Corporate Zombies Give You Nightmares?:

Clipped wings at Boeing. The Federal Reserve's bond-buying program opened the credit markets enough for Boeing to launch a jumbo $25 billion debt sale in April. The offering included a provision that promised to increase interest payments with each downgrade into junk, a sign that both bond traders and the company saw a reasonable possibility that Boeing might slip to speculative grade. But however dire Boeing’s finances might look and however ill-advised its strategic decisions may be, the company plays a central role in U.S. national security and is a symbol of the country’s manufacturing might. The federal government would never allow it to go under, so it’s a reasonable bet for bondholders that they will eventually get repaid. The government backstop has its limits, though, and Boeing’s future looks far from rosy. While its 737 Max jet finally won approval to fly again, appetite among airlines for deliveries in the middle of a pandemic is low, and it will take years for Boeing to unwind a stockpile of 450 jets. Free cash flow probably won’t turn positive until 2022. Boeing has said paying down debt will be a top priority once it starts generating cash again. That’s as it should be but leaves little to spend on improving its competitive position relative to top rival Airbus SE. — Brooke Sutherland

Облигации на 25 миллиардов, это не покупка ФРС, а частные покупатели, во всяком случае формально. С учетом этих денег Боинг сформировал подушку в 50 миллиардов, на которой надеется пересидеть тяжелые времена. Полеты 737 MAX разрешили, их скопилось 450 штук, годовая программа лучших времен. Планируют в основном все распродать за 2021-22 годы. Причем пока они уходят за полцены.
Так вот Блумберг, с одной стороны, говорит, что символу национальной промышленной мощи государство не даст рухнуть. С другой, очевидно, что и в лучшем случае будет потеря конкурентных возможностей по сравнению с Airbus.
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